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17 Dirty Boxers

17 dirty boxers. That’s almost the number of boxers my husband owns and exactly how many had accumulated on his side of the bed before we decided to make a change.

Step one, we needed to throw away underwear, 17 is too many.

Step two, we needed a better laundry hamper — one that he and our two boys would use.

I’m Lindsay and my husband is Kyle. We enjoy tackling life’s problems and have always chased our dreams together. Entrepreneur is the big dream and has been for years, but we have never had a problem that we felt really needed to be solved. That is until 17 dirty boxers, and an argument over where they should go if they wanted to get washed, changed our lives forever.

We set out to create a laundry hamper that is both somehow fun to use and close to where the dirty clothes are — the floor by the bed. And one that doesn’t showcase Kyle’s heart-print underwear to the world (or house guests), despite how adorable he is when he wears them.

After months of prototyping on our own, researching manufacturing, and hiring a world-class design team — Kik-Fix was born!

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